Schafewald Sheep Farm
Our roving is processed at a local fiber mill. It is not over-processed & retains the quality of the wool. All the colors are soft and suitable for any type of outerwear, scarves, or mittens. Remember, this is not commercial roving. It will have subtle shading throughout. Therefore, it will have a unique look you won't get anywhere else. It is sold in 2 oz. increments for $5/2 oz. The inventory changes often, so please contact me for the latest information about what is available. Samples are available.
Roving Light & Dark

Light & dark mixed.
This will spin up variegated.
Roving Almost Black

Almost black.

Roving Almost White

Almost white.

We also have batts. They are wide & can be pulled apart in strips for spinning or used as quilt batting. They vary in weight as awell as coor and are priced at $5/2 oz. Call or e-mail for availability.

White Batt

White batt.
Black Batt

Black batt. Range 3-4 oz.
Varigated Batts

Variegated batts. Range 2-4 oz.